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click the ITINERARY on day 14 for guiding to :
강남 - Gangnam
K-Star Road
이태원 - Itaewon .

서울여행 | 14일

it was the 3rd sunday at Seoul and was also my last day in Seoul before I finally decided to extend at last minute at Busan.

Meet HS oppa at Gangnam for lunch and went to K-Star road as well.

순두부 + 제육볶음

Next, strolling at Gangnam street.

Actually I had plenty of spare times and I didn't know where to go.

Gangnam Oppa(s)

K-Star road

I took almost every of the bear statues, but I lost everything due to lost phone 2 weeks ahead.

Ota thanks for the warm drink.


I actually walked quite a long distance in order to take picture with all the statues.

being a shameless tourist hahaha.
Beautiful path leads me to amazing places.

so pretty.

On the way back I suddenly realise the entertainments were nearby
 though I didn't plan to come on that day however since I missed it the previous day, I might as well visit it.

There was a cafe opposite this entertainment and surprisingly flood with fans. So many people were there and wished to see their idols but I didn't put a high hope so I continued for next entertainments.

After visited those places, I went to Itaewon by myself to meet some friends.

Yeah LINE friends hehe

and we had dinner at Konkuk st ^^
watch DVD movie and went home because outdoor was unbearably cold.

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