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click the ITINERARY on day 15 for guiding to :
부산행 - Train to Busan
서면 - Seomyeon

부산여행 | 1일

Check out at 11am and left there to Seoul Station by a cab because I had 2 full of bulky luggages that filled by trash lol and I was so lazy.

Bought 2 ways ticket

This reminded me the zombie scenes movie hahaha...
I didn't mind if I met a zombie who was as handsome as Gong Yoo or else Nope please lol

The train was quite empty before it finally picked up other passenger at other station.

Lunch on train, with an onigiri.

Finally I reached busan and I was so proud of myself. Touching 😅
Never thought I could do this far lol.

Last time I could only see here through picture that people sent to me but now, I stood there before.

YOLO House for the next few days.
this house was actually one of the best I had ever stayed in South Korea trip but that doesn't mean the rest were worse. 

Every accommodations I stayed had given a very comfortable stay.

Settled things and did my 3 weeks laundry at once hehe...
waaaittt don't judge me to soon. I wasn't disgusted nor lazy. It was because the whole trip I felt like No sweat = No sour smell. 

Went to nearby neighbourhood at Seommyeon for dinner. This place is actually famous among young people.

In the evening, went for 돼지국밥 which was supposed a must eat food during stay in Busan.

Left the house too rashly because it was pitched dark outside the corridor and didn't realise my door wasn't locked until I was back.

So nervous and afraid that I would get picked pocket or stuffs stolen but thanks goodness everything was fine.

Therefore I concluded that, although It was the best accommodations that I had stayed because I owned the whole apartment but the cons were, It might not be the safest and the most convenient when It comes to needy.

I remembered the next morning, there was a sudden alarmed and announcement and I didn't understand and I couldn't asked for help because no staffs nor other citizen I saw at outside and I was slightly anxious actually beside than texting the owner but I didn't .

I was lazily lying around and a sudden loud siren alarmed. What I first in mind was, WAS THIS BUILDING CAUGHT FIRE? SHOULD I LEFT THE ROOM NOW? BUT I HADN'T BATH, NOR DONE PACKING. LOL

I therefore quickly prepared and showered and left the house without the luggages but it seemed nothing had happened hehe..

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