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A cloudy, cooling morning everything felt so familiar but I was going to leave there tomorrow.

Final second last day in Seoul liao huhu

Outside of the "guesthouse & you"

yes the guesthouse is located at the main road side. Seoul station is also located further down the road. Very convenient ohh~

along the road, there were many restaurant also.

Went nearby shop beside my guesthouse for lunch by myself

coz I realised that I hadn't had Samgyetang for my whole trip in South Korea hehe so I went to eat lol..

I was travelling at ginseng country and how could I skip the authentic ginseng soup right? lol

After ate, actually the taste and flavour wasn't any different with what I had outside the country.

My highlighted were red and purple but in this picture it showed only purple. Maybe I should try this colour in future.

building behind the guesthouse.

Went to Myeongdong again hehehe... and bought this adorable ice cream for last trip, I had been ambivalent because the weather was cold and rainy day but I wished to eat too. In the end I just bought thinking that I might won't be back hahaha 

I'm thanksful that during the whole trip there, there weren't any rain.

borrowed an umbrella for guesthouse then I broke it wtf and luckily, I found the same one and bought at Myeongdong 

In the evening, meet SH for farewell meal at Gangnam and the weather just decided to rain for whole day 😭.

walking to look for that restaurant I went before, almost lost but end up we found it hehe

Our feast meal hehe

Meal after dinner " Burger King"

Then went to SPAO to meet Shinchan lol

Didn't really buy because not in mood as I was leaving on the following day

Then sending SH to station and that night it was raining dogs and cats

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